Gig the robot.

Gig is Dr.Tesla 's Robot computer assistant and loyal friend. Gig is very smart and helps with many things around Tesla's facilities. Gig is simply a floating robot with an oval shaped head and a cirle for a body with a voice volume screen on the chest and 2 fins for hand gestures. Gig says he can't feel feelings, though he has shown some feelings throughout Acceleracers. Gig was the one that gave Dr.Tezla the idea to make a new kind of driver, not a new kind of car, and from then, the World Race began. Gig's circuits were also fried in the movie, but he was eventually repaired so he could make a return in Acceleracers. Gig might have been modeled after Star Trek Starships. Gig later destroys himself to destroy the racing drones.


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