Cly leader

Gelorum, Clyp leader

Gelorum is the evil leader of Clyp. Gelorum's goal was to get the Wheel of Power to gain infinite power and rule the world and she hired an army of Drone Robots to do it. She also hired Kurt Wylde to drive in the World Race because only a human could grab the Wheel of Power. Gelorum's plan fails when Josef "Vert" Wheeler grabs it instead and Kurt takes the right path. The racers push Gelorum into hiding when she realizes she is defeated, and her firs drone army is destroyed. Later, in Acceleracers, Gelorum returns as a more robotic person and leads a new army of drones... Can Tesla 's smaller new teams, Teku and Metal Maniacs beat her? Gelorum is a cyborg.


Gelorum drives her own car in Acceleracers and flies a helicopter during the world race and to do meetings

Gelorum after the helicopter crash

with ZED-36.
  • Magnetic Tow Cable
  • Command over a drone army
  • Super Strength
  • Gelorum the cyborg

    Gelorum in Acceleracers


Galorum's Helicopter

Galorum's Helicopter

At the end of the movie, Gelorum's Helicopter is destroyed in a crash and her copilot possibly was dstroyed in the crash as well


RD-09, Gelorum's personal car in Acceleracers.